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Highway Crews Prepare for Ice

Updated: Thursday, January 24 2013, 04:46 PM EST
Mountain counties across the region are bracing for snow and sleet.
That puts highway crews on the road to prepare for the blast of winter weather.
The DOT will begin spraying brine on the road this afternoon, starting with the major four lane roads and later moving to the secondary roads.
It's all about preventing the ice from bonding to the roads.
"The brine gives us lead time, if you will, it puts down a layer of salt on the road before any precipitation starts, and that gives a barrier before the frozen precipitation starts adhering to the roads, so it gives us a little more lead time to react to anything as it starts." Chad Bandy, maintenance engineer.
That lead time allows crews to follow up with salt and sand as snow and ice begin to build up and to make it easier for the snowplows to scrape away whatever falls.
Engineers warn drivers to allow plenty of following distance as the truck sprays the brine on the road.
They say following closely or trying to pass can coat your windshield with the brine, making it hard to see for the driver.     
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