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Hit and Run Victim Says Teen Girl Tried to Kill Him

Updated: Monday, December 31 2012, 05:47 PM EST

The victim of a bizarre hit and run spoke for the first time to News 13 Thursday. "I was thinking she's going to kill me. I was like, 'damn! She's going to kill me the day before my birthday, man,'" said Sherman Reed.

The violent hit and run happened on Christmas eve in east Asheville. "She stopped the car in the middle of the road, put it in reverse, and hit me, and proceeded to back up over me."

Reed claims it was a deliberate plan to kill him by 19-year-old Lauren Bickford. Cops say Bickford was at the wheel.

"She messed my arm up, my right leg and my foot. My knee is messed up, my back hurts in the middle, and my neck, I can't turn my neck," Reed explained to News 13's Mario Boone.

The crash not only left Reed battered, bruised, and barely able to walk, his scooter, which was pinned under Bickford's car with him aboard, is totalled.

"Only thing I know is the lord was with me that day, because if not, I would've been dead."

Reed said he thinks a dispute with Bickford's boyfriend might be the reason for the attack. And News 13 obtained court documents showing Bickford was charged in June with a separate hit and run.

"She called my house before she went to jail and said if I took out warrants that her and her boyfriend were going to do worse," said Reed.

Bickford was being held at the Buncombe County jail under a $3,000 bond.

By: Mario Boone,

Follow on Twitter: @marioboone

Hit and Run Victim Says Teen Girl Tried to Kill Him

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