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Jury Deliberating in Glover Trial

Updated: Thursday, March 7 2013, 04:01 PM EST
The fate of a man accused of killing his girlfriend and dumping her body on the Blue Ridge Parkway is in the hands of jurors.

Jermaine Glover is on trial for first degree murder for the death of Misty Carter in 2009.

Carter died from a blow to the head., no actual weapon was identified by prosecutors… so they had to use other evidence collected at several locations to build a case against Jermaine Glover.

Glover took the witness stand in his own defense and denied he killed Misty Carter.   Glover said he did not know who killed her. 

Prosecutors laid out a case against Glover based on matches found near Carter's burned body at a Parkway overlook near the Arboretum.

The man who found that body testified that he saw someone who looked like Glover driving along the Parkway in the early morning hours when he made the discovery.  He pointed to Glover when asked who he saw.

State investigators stated they found Misty Carter's blood on a couch in Glover's home.

The defense countered there were no signs a body had been dragged out of the home, that no murder weapon was found, and no information presented about where those matches found at the crime scene came from.

The defense also pointed out that Glover has no record of violent crime.
The jury began deliberations Wednesday around 3pm.

Shortly after, they asked to take a closer look at some evidence presented in the trial.

News 13 will be sure to update you as jury deliberations continue.Jury Deliberating in Glover Trial

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