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Leicester Break-ins

Updated: Tuesday, January 8 2013, 08:37 PM EST
Residents and business owners in the Leicester area say they are victims of a recent rash of robberies, and need more help from law enforcement.  One family who wants to remain anonymous, put up a sign offering a one thousand dollar reward for anyone with information leading to the arrests of the crooks.  A family member says the robbers recently stole a chainsaw, and ripped down the reward sign about a week after she posted it in her yard.  She says her family lives in fear that the robbers may shoot them in retaliation.

Ernie Manos, owner of Leicester Automotive, says he encountered the crooks early Sunday morning, as they were driving off in a white chevy pickup full of Manos' merchandise.  He says he pulled a gun on the two white males, who Manos describes as 'well into adulthood' but they still got away.  Manos says it's tempting to take the law into his own hands, because Buncombe County sheriff's deputies are seldom patroling the area at night.  Lieutenant Randy Sorrells says the sheriff's department will beef up patrol by sending in a Community Enforcement Team by the end of the week.

by Karen WynneLeicester Break-ins

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