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Local Marathon Safety Preparations

Updated: Tuesday, April 16 2013, 09:51 PM EDT

The tragedy in Boston has some people thinking about the first Asheville City Marathon, that is coming up later this year.

The Asheville City Marathon is set for September 27th and 28th.

The route will take runners through different parts of the city including downtown.

Race director Greg Duff says what happened in Boston is surreal, but he has real plans to work with the Asheville Police Department to tighten security as law enforcement officers see fit for the upcoming race.

Duff says because its so early after the tragedy he cannot be more specific on what will be done, but he doesn't expect the Boston tragedy to keep runners away.

Greg Duff, Asheville Race Director, "I think runners in general are a tough and resilient group. We muddle on through thick and thin, bad weather, all sorts of things. Runners will not be deterred by this."

Duff is expecting 8,000 runners for the Asheville City Marathon.

Lt Dave Romick of the Asheville Police Department says there is a comprehensive security plan in place.

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Local Marathon Safety Preparations

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