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Drug Raid Arrests

Updated: Friday, February 28 2014, 08:01 PM EST
A mother and her two sons face charges of growing marijuana.

Kimberly, Cody, and Maximillian Hacker are in the Madison County jail at this hour.

Authorities were removing evidence from the residence in Mars Hill this morning. They estimate about 200 marijuana plants are in the home on Tilson Street.

Shortly after midnight this morning Mars Hill police and Madison County sheriff's deputies raided the house and arrested Kimberly Hacker.

Hackers two sons tried to run away, but officers had surrounded the house and both were caught before they could leave the property.

Authorities say Kimberly's two grand-children were also in the home at the time, they've been put in DSS custody.

Authorities say the entire house was involved in the marijuana-growing operation.

Sheriff Buddy Harwood, Madison County Sheriff's Department, "we have marijuana growing basically in every room, some type of chemical in every room of the residence upstairs, and downstairs as well, we've got plants from two inches tall to four-feet tall."

Sheriff Harwood says some of the pot was ready for harvest.

Kimberly Hacker faces felony charges of trafficking, manufacture, and possession of marijuana.

She's also charged with misdemeanor child abuse because of her two grandchildren present in the home.

Her sons are in their 20s and are charged with trafficking, possession, and using a home to grow pot.

Kimberly is in jail on a $103,000 bond. Her two sons have $102,000 dollar bonds.

Deputies are moving the pot and equipment to a storage facility.Drug Raid Arrests

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