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Man Who Caught Olympic Bomber Reacts to Word of Autobiography

Updated: Monday, January 14 2013, 02:17 PM EST

As Eric Rudolph sits in a federal prison for the 1996 Olympic Park bombing, he's sparking new controversy and anger over his intent to publish an autobiography.

Jeff Postell was a Murphy police officer when he caught Rudolph. Rudolph was one of America's Most Wanted fugitives. Postell responded to word of Rudolph's attempt to write an autobiography.  He also responded to the forensic sketches he's receiving of himself from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation through a public records request. 

"Rudolph is the type of individual who seeks attention. Obviously he wants some connection with the outside just as he did when he was on his run."  

Postell thinks we won't learn much more than what Rudolph has already written on the Army of God website.

"I think it's also a way for him to have a platform for him to preach more of his thoughts, his beliefs, his hatred and that's what I think.  That's kind of why the reasoning this is all coming about and again it doesn't strike me as a surprise."

Postell worries about  the pain it's likely to cause for the families of Rudolph's victims and those who survived his bombing attacks.

"I think if anything it's going to open up wounds it's going to remind people it's going to take people back to those events and i don't think that's healthy." 

Rudolph is serving four life sentences for the Olympic Park bombing  in Atlanta, and the bombings of a lesbian bar and two abortion clinics.

By Russ Bowen
Follow Russ on Twitter @RussBowenNews13

Man Who Caught Olympic Bomber Reacts to Word of Autobiography

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