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McDowell Family Loses Home in Fire

Updated: Tuesday, February 5 2013, 11:44 AM EST
A McDowell County family loses their home to fire for the second time in less than a year.
Despite the loss, friends say the community will provide them a lot of support.
From a distance you see firefighters fighting for what is beyond hope, a bit closer you see the loss of a place to sleep and even closer the reminder that a child was being raised here.
That is now over.
Pastor Gary Greene, "we're gonna help them pull through it and they'll be fine it'll take time but they just need prayers an support to rebuild."
The Hollifields have been down this charred path of loss before.
Less than a year ago they loss their home to fire and now, again.
"I saw her sitting down there in my driveway she was just sitting the gravel crying with her head in her hands" said Pastor Greene, "you go through that with them basically someone has cancer someone has the news that's devastating for them but you also hurt with them because you care about these people and especially young people like this and then the double whammy like this."
But, as we're told is the norm here in Ashford, before the fire was out the help was already coming.
Chief Thomas Swofford, Ashford North Cove Fire Department, "we had one mother and child sitting there and just watched it and four year old girl called wanting to know what size clothes the kid wore so she could go through her stuff."
The cause of the fire isn't known yet.

By Russ Bowen
Follow Russ on Twitter @RussBowenNews13McDowell Family Loses Home in Fire

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