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Medical Mix Up

Updated: Tuesday, March 12 2013, 08:10 AM EDT
A Marion woman worries medical records she received may be those of somebody else.  Crystal Mechele Reel requested copies of a CT scan done at Mcdowell Hospital in 2009.  She says what she got were records with the name Crystal Anne Reel.  The date of birth on the records also belonged to the other woman.

Mechele Reel contacted the hospital.  She says they told her the images on the scan were hers and that the name was wrong and everything was fine.  They also urged her to come back to the hospital and they would replace the CD she was given with a new one with the correct name on the images. 

Mechele says she contacted Crystal Anne Reel and she too had CT scans done in 2009 at Mcdowell hospital.  Mechele isn't sure what to believe and worries this could be indicative of other possible mistakes that are being overlooked. 

A Mcdowell Hospital spokeswoman says the images were correct but the name was wrong due to a glitch with a merging of records onto an electronic system in 2009.  Hospital officials say they are confident that the records Mechele received are hers and they have instituted new safeguards as a result of this incident to prevent it from happening again.

by Frank FraboniMedical Mix Up

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