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Montreat College Merger Concerns

Updated: Thursday, February 20 2014, 11:54 PM EST
Faculty at Montreat College have taken a vote of no confidence. In a letter to the Board of Trustees, they are asking those members in favor of a merger with Point University in Georgia to resign immediately. The Alumni Board says it backs the faculty's vote of no confidence completely.

"The trustees are charged with being the trustees of the college and not having that transparency is unfair to the alumni, unfair to the students and unfair to the faculty," said Bob Graham, VP of Communications for the Alumni Board.

Earlier this week, the Montreat Board of Trustees announced they were continuing to explore the option of merging with Point University. On the 24th, the Georgia based school board will decide whether to affiliate with Montreat and if they do, whether it will operate residential programs in both states or close the Montreat campus.

All three possibilities has students supporting the faculty's vote too.

"I'm pleased to know that they are supporting a traditional campus because I love it and I'd like to come back to it in the future. So that's why I care about it so much," said junior Harrison Northey.

"It's finally so nice to see that our faculty rose up and took a stand and advocated for pure communication and clear communication and it was so frustrating to hear the rumors flying around," said sophomore Grace Freeman.

It's still unclear what will happen but it's that lack of transparency that's upsetting faculty members.

Concerned Alumni has even started a Facebook page. It's called 'Walk in the Light' and it's a place where people can go to voice their opinions and find information about the merger talks.

The college says the Board of Trustees will be discussing the faculty's letter at their next meeting, but a date and time has not been set.Montreat College Merger Concerns

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