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Colonizing Mars Good Idea?

Updated: Wednesday, April 24 2013, 09:28 AM EDT

A Dutch non-profit group wants to send volunteer astronauts to colonize Mars in 2022.

We had no earthly idea how to localize that story, so we went to Mars Hill, where some think settling on the Red Planet is a really bad idea.

The town's name has nothing to do with Mars. Mars Hill's origin is found in Acts 17, where Paul preaches the gospel to the people of Athens.

Nevertheless, it was a good launching point for mixed opinions about the grand idea.
"I think we better stick with our own planet," says Edward Fortner.

"Mars one" is taking applications from those willing to make a one-way journey. To be considered, you'd have you have to apply by video and send a 38 dollar fee.

"I think that's pretty crazy but my son would do that in a heartbeat," says Jacqueline Ballard of her son, Zach.

"It's not really the destination of getting there, it's what we'd learn on the way," says Zach. "All the skills we'd learn, it'd create a ton of new jobs."

But many in Mars Hill are quite content on Earth.
"No, I'm planning on going to heaven instead of Mars," Fortner says.

By John Le
Find John on Twitter @AbsoluteLe

Colonizing Mars Good Idea?

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