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National Gun Appreciation Day Saturday

Updated: Monday, January 21 2013, 03:50 PM EST

President Obama's plan for more gun control comes just as gun rights groups are getting ready to celebrate their first National Gun Appreciation Day. Local activists want people to go to gun shops, dealers, shooting ranges and gun shows in protest of the call for more control.

Gun Appreciation Day will be held Saturday, January 19th at Bear Arms Shooting Range in Brevard. The Tea Party held a Machine Gun Social fundraiser there back in September.

Organizers say Gun Appreciation Day is scheduled to run just as President Obama is sworn-in for second term. They say they want to send a strong message now.

Fremont Brown is a gun-toting, card-carrying member of the Asheville Tea Party. He believes what happened at Sandy Hook School And the resulting push for more gun control is reason enough for Saturday's nationwide event.

"The thing they don't understand is that the reason we appreciate the guns is because we wouldn't be here today as a country if we didn't have guns back in 1776," said Brown.

The organization, Move-On, is also hosting a has a nationwide event. Community Committee Against Gun Violence Action will be held Thursday as a series of small gatherings to work on strategies. There are some scheduled in our area. For more information, click here.

Join News 13 for a town hall discussion on guns in America. We will debate the issue Thursday, January 24th at the Ag Center at 7:30 p.m. You can submit questions or request free tickets at Seating is limited, but you can also watch the event live on our website.

By Frank Kracher
Follow Frank on Twitter @FrankKracher


National Gun Appreciation Day Saturday

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