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NC House Considers Pre-K Changes Again

Updated: Tuesday, April 30 2013, 08:55 AM EDT
North Carolina legislators are once again talking about which children should qualify for North Carolina's free preschool initiative for at-risk 4-year-olds.

A House health committee scheduled debate Tuesday on a measure that would in part require families to make less income than is currently required to participate in the North Carolina Pre-Kindergarten program.

Eligibility is now capped at incomes at 75% of state median income, or roughly twice the federal poverty rate.

The measure would reduce it to the poverty rate, which is about $19,500 for a family of three.

Gov. Pat McCrory's budget would cap eligibility at 130% of poverty, while expanding the number of program slots.

The legislature cut pre-K funding by 20% two years ago.

Lawmakers have been successfully sued to block other restrictions.NC House Considers Pre-K Changes Again

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