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NCDOT Sends Letters By Mistake

Updated: Thursday, February 27 2014, 10:19 PM EST
Some Jackson County residents were mistakenly notified that NCDOT crews would be surveying on their land for a proposed and controversial new road.   Letters went out Monday to about 50 residents telling them preliminary work would be starting on the Southern Loop.

The proposed road would connect Highway 107 outside Sylva to the Smoky Mountain Expressway. That project is currently suspended. But when flight surveys were planned for improving Highway 107 last Fall, the Southern Loop was mistakenly included.

That caused the DOT to send those letters to residents by mistake.

"The letter that came out Monday notified the people that there's going to be a survey and they're going to be doing some geo-technical work," said Commissioner Jack Debnam.

Franklin Rigdon says he got the letter at his house and he started wondering where it might be built. 

"I wouldn't like come right across my land right here," said Rigdon.

The Jackson County Board of Commissioners will address the Southern Loop at its March 17th meeting.

The NCDOT says it spent $275 sending out those letters, and will spend a similar amount re-notifying them.

By Rex Hodge
Follow Rex on Twitter @RexHodgeNCDOT Sends Letters By Mistake

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