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New Belgium Brewing Plans

Updated: Wednesday, January 23 2013, 05:27 PM EST
Asheville City Council says "yes" to New Belgium Brewing Company's plans to build a plant in the city.
We don't know when work will start yet, that's up to the company. First up, the focus shifts from the planning phase to gearing up all that needs to be done down at the Craven Street site.
Demolition will be required for some of the structures on the property that New Belgium has purchased.
The property must then be renovated and construction can then begin.
City officials will be involved in upgrading the surrounding roads, utilities, and other functions that will be a part of the site and the new plant site.
Asheville Public Works Director, Cathy Ball, "we're excited to move forward on the infrastructure components of the project that the city will be building, that includes the widening of Craven Street, building a greenway, doing some stream mitigation, as well as some intersection improvements, and some additional parking."
With the brewery will come truck traffic needed to transport the beer that will be manufactured here.
That traffic worries homeowners in West Asheville.
A city study showed about 14 big trucks a day would be needed to move the product but it would involve Haywood Road and other streets to get to the Craven Street plant.
City officials say that impact will be nominal but residents disagree.
We'll have more on how the city plans to address that issue in the future tonight on News 13.  New Belgium Brewing Plans

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