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New Restrictions on WNC Gun Shows

Updated: Thursday, February 21 2013, 08:46 PM EST
Gun shows lure thousands to the Western North Carolina Ag Center from points in all directions.  "This last gun show we had it was about 10,000," said general manager Matt Bunchanan.  But when the next gun show rolls into Fletcher in March big changes await.

Gun sellers will be required to park in a separate lot and enter through separate doors from gun buyers.  Sellers will also be screened to make sure guns are unloaded and locked with a zip tie.

The general public will be screened by handheld metal detectors so no one slips in a concealed firearm.  But even before that everyone entering the ag center grounds must go through a checkpoint to determine if they have weapons in their car.

Said Buchanan, "if they do, they'll be instructed to the lower parking...  That's where they'll actually check their firearms."  The goal is to separate gun buyers from gun sellers so there's no repeat of the accidental triple shooting at a recent gun show in Raleigh.  The state Department of Agriculture calls the restrictions an "extra measure of safety."

Private gun sales in the parking lot will also be restricted under the new rules.  "We'll have an officer in the parking lot that will check."

By: Mario Boone,
Follow on Twitter: @marioboone New Restrictions on WNC Gun Shows

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