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No Merger for Montreat College

Updated: Tuesday, February 25 2014, 05:52 PM EST
A 'no' vote on a controversial merger that's been in the works for more than a year.

This morning the news broke that Point University will not merge with Montreat College.

During a more than 6 hour meeting last night, trustees for the school in Georgia voted down the merger.

The deal stirred controversy from the start with Montreat groups, faculty, and at least 25-percent of the students opposing it.

Their key concerns includede whether the college could maintain it's Presbyterian identity and if the main campus could stay in Montreat.

Caty Burger, Montreat College junior, "he actually just said offhand, 'do you guys have any questions about it', and during our discussion we actually got the official email from interim President Kirkland."

More than a year ago Montreat pitched this merger to Point, which is also a Christian college.

Montreat trustees had said it was a potential solution for the schools financial trouble in recent years.

Now it's unclear how the school plans to address those issues going forward.

Tyler Lee, Montreat College freshman, "I really was uncertain about this decision, I really wasn't sure what way it would go. I was really happy I guess, I guess I was kind of surprised too about the direction it went."

Click here to read the official statement from Point University.

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