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On-Duty Trooper DWI in Patrol Car

Updated: Monday, February 25 2013, 08:57 PM EST
37-year-old James Holbert, Junior was arrested for DWI on Monday morning in Hendersonville, While on duty in his Highway Patrol cruiser.
Holbert resigned after he took a breathalyzer test, about an hour after his supervisor noticed something way out of the ordinary.
Authorities say the numbers tell the story.
At 9:38am, the breathalyzer is cleared with air.
At 9:39am, a simulation is run to make sure the device is working properly, that's the .07.
Then it's cleared with air again and at 9:40am, the first results indicate Holbert blew a .09.
Another cleansing, and 2-minutes after that, the reading is. 08. By law, that's driving while intoxicated.
Holbert's well known in the mountains for his work with "Toys for Tots", both as a high-profile Marine reservist and in his role as a seven-year Highway Patrol veteran.
He spreads the Christmas message across a ten county area every holiday season.
But it was this past Monday morning he met with Sgt. Chris Goodson in the Sam's parking lot in Hendersonville.
It was there they talked, and in court documents, Sgt. Goodson says "the defendant had a strong odor of alcohol about his person, red glassy eyes and mumbled speech".
The actual DWI ticket written bears the license plate number of the cruiser.. SHP-1486.. State Highway Patrol. 
We attempted to contact James Holbert first by phone, then we stopped by his home.
A woman who answered the door refused to identify herself and said he wasn't there.
The one comment that woman did make today is that she hopes people will remember all the good things Holbert does in the mountain community.
We contacted the local highway patrol for a statement, and were referred to the public information office in Raleigh, we have not heard back from there.
James Holbert is scheduled to appear in District Court on March 21st.

By Frank Kracher
Follow Frank on Twitter @FrankKracher

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