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Petition Drive Against Leicester Hwy. Widening

Updated: Thursday, March 14 2013, 06:44 PM EDT

A petition drive is launched opposing major work along Leicester Highway. Bruce Snelson of Buncombe County says the NCDOT's $29 million proposal is over the top.

"It would just entirely change the character of the community. This is a farming community," he says.
Part of his property is along the path of a Leicester Highway widening project that would expand the road to a four lane from Gilbert road to Newfound road. It would also including two roundabouts along the way.
"Way overkill for what we need for this community," Snelson points out. "We need safety improvements."

Concerned resident Peggy Bennett says the four lane would take out 33 homes and six businesses. She's launched a petition drive, hoping NCDOT will reconsider.

Bennett is hoping the DOT will hold another public meeting with residents this summer.

By John Le
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Petition Drive Against Leicester Hwy. Widening

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