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Rutherford Scam Warning

Updated: Wednesday, February 6 2013, 10:35 AM EST
At approximately 2 a.m. Monday morning, a man knocked on the door of Emily Bracey's Forest City home.

"I was sitting in the chair asleep and somebody just kept constantly knocking on the door," said Bracey.

It was a middle-aged man who said his named was Michael Evans. He called Bracey by her name and told her she had won $3.5 million, a new car and that Fox News would arrive with a police escort to deliver her prize. But first, she had to pay $1500 up front.

"The reason why I knew it was a scam - he would not want a Visa card, he wanted me to go to Kmart or Walmart, and get a pack card," said Bracey. Three gift certificate cards for $500 each. He told her then she would scratch off the cards to reveal the certificate card number, and read them to him.

She wasn't interested and tried to shut the door, but he tried to wedge it open with his feet. She was able to push him away, and padlocked the door.

From there, she says, he harassed her with phone calls.

"How did he get my phone number?," asks Bracey. "How did he get my cell number?"

Bracey's home nurse Anita Jones works with seniors throughout the county and says a man matching the description that Bracey gave police has been knocking on other doors - targeting the disabled and elderly.

"A couple of them, he showed up in the afternoon. a couple of them he showed up after six o'clock," said Jones. "The last one that I know of, he showed up at ten o'clock in the morning."

Police say Bracey's is the only scam report detailing a 'Michael Evans', but that incidents like this often go unreported.

"It's apparent he knows what's he doing," said Forest City Police Captain Chris Lovelace.

Officials say the phone number the man gave Bracey is a Jamaican number, and believe the name Michael Evans is an alias.

"We don't know anything about him," said Lovelace. "He showed up at this house, until we find out his true identity, we don't know anything about him - whether he's dangerous or not."Rutherford Scam Warning

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