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School Security

Updated: Monday, December 17 2012, 07:14 PM EST

In the wake of last weeks tragedy in Newtown, local schools here in the mountains are increasing security. Teachers face the difficult task of explaining what happened in Sandy Hook Elementary School.

They're doing what a lot of schools across the entire country are doing, answering some really tough questions from children who may or may not have heard about the tragedy in Connecticut before they walked through those school doors.

Earlier this morning , teachers at Avery's Creek Elementary were handed scripts. It's an outline on how to briefly explain the situation to students, but not in an extensive way. School administrators say their goal is to nurture students and allow them an outlet to express their thoughts. School officials say they plan to keep parents informed too, about how they're handing this tragedy in the classroom.

Ibis Nunex, Avery Creek Elementary Principal, says "Communication is key. We'll do everything from the best of my ability to keep everybody informed of our school situation, most importantly we need to reassure our students the best we can, nurture them, and the key word is listen to our students."

Nunez says she's seen students react after previous national traumas, saying students express thoughts in creative ways, such as drawing pictures.

At Avery's Creek, they've reactivated the Crisis Committee, explaining what to do during and after a major crisis in schools.

Also, APD says they will have extra patrols at city schools, in addition to student resource officers.

By Ingrid Allsteadt
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School Security

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