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School Security Plans

Updated: Monday, December 17 2012, 09:19 AM EST

The nation is mourning the victims of a school massacre in Newtown, CT. A gunman walked into the Sandy Hook Elementary School Friday morning and killed 26 people. 20 of them were children.

Local school districts say they have extensive security plans in place to protect students and staff.

Buncombe and Haywood county school districts say while there is no way to predict and train for a tragedy so horrific as the one that happened in Sandy Hook Friday, they do plan and practice just in case something goes wrong.

Haywood County Superintendent Anne Garrett says her district has a Safe Schools Advisory Council that meets several times a year. It's made up of members of law enforcement, parents, teachers, and community members. Together, they create a safety plan for each of the district's 16 schools. Garrett says each school has an evacuation plan which they practice each year. Then after the drill, the school debriefs with first responders about what went right and how things can improve.

 Buncombe County School Superintendent Tony Baldwin says his district follows a similar plan. Baldwin says school resource officers in the middle and high school are a valuable tool. Baldwin says the school resource officers are on-call for the district's elementary schools. He adds that it wouldn't be a bad idea to eventually have them in all schools.

Both districts say they require all school doors to be locked while school is in session. All visitors have to report to the main office before entering the building, that way the schools can keep track of who is coming and going.

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School Security Plans

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