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Sierra Nevada Progress Update

Updated: Monday, February 11 2013, 09:28 PM EST
One of new players on the local beer scene is going through a growth spurt.
Sierra Nevada is adding a modest piece to the major puzzle that is the brewing business.
It has to do with a critical component in the transportation process, and it's taking a collaborative effort to make it happen.  
You can see in pictures, the walls going up on the brew house.
Concrete forms are placed where the fermenting tanks will eventually sit.
Right now, it's truck after truck hauling dirt out, making way for the work going on beyond that sign.
The plan is to be brewing beer by sometime next summer.
Jaime Laughter, Mills River Town Manager, "this project has moved lightning speed.. and I just think it shows they're ready to be here.. they're ready to be producing"
Mills River Town Manager Jaime Laughter gives a lot of credit to the Henderson County Partnership for Economic Development, the group that markets the county and helped land Sierra Nevada.
It also helped get this part of the project underway in the Fern Cliff Industrial Park in Fletcher.
Including a new stretch of asphalt.
Alongside a new section of railroad tracks.
They both lead to this transfer building, where trains will deliver grain and trucks will haul it to the brewery.
It's a critical link for Sierra Nevada and another tip of the hat to the partnership.
The transfer station is the talk of an industrial park that happens to include the Earth Fare warehouse.

By Frank Kracher
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