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Social Services Reorganization

Updated: Tuesday, February 25 2014, 01:28 PM EST
Tribal leaders in Cherokee are re-organizing their social services.

Aubrey Littlejohn died three years ago. Her family says Swain County DSS didn't do enough to protect her.

An investigation showed Littlejohn was neglected and died with a body temperature of 84 degrees.

Swain social worker Candice Lassiter pleaded guilty to attempting to cover up the agency's role after Littlejohn's death.

Now, the tribe is reorganizing its Health and Medical division into a Health and Human Services Department.

All social services will be located in one location, instead of several. Tribal leaders say this will increase efficiency.

Vickie Bradley, Public Health and Human Services, "the Chief's initiative was to on board all of those services for the eastern band so that we could provide a more comprehensive integrated service to give what we feel like a better service because we know our people."

The reorganization will take place over the next 12- 18 months. Principal Chief Michell Hicks says a director will be named this week, who will decide how many people will be hired.

We'll have reaction from the Littlejohn family, tonight on News 13.Social Services Reorganization

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