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Stabbing Victim's Family Demands Justice

Updated: Friday, February 21 2014, 07:25 PM EST
Jarum Hearst came home from the hospital with 47 staples and signs of cuts all over his body.

"That was the deepest one there," his mother Lavonda says, pointing at her son's back.

"This is where they had to cut him loose from the street," she explains, showing us the back of Jarum's head. "Because he was frozen to the street he had been there so long."

They say he was found outside Pisgah View Apartments last weekend after being attacked.

But nearly a week later, the Hearsts are frustrated that Asheville Police haven't arrested anyone in the case.

"Does it take for him to actually kill somebody before the Asheville Police say 'enough is enough, let's go get this boy.'," she tells us.

Jarum only remembers hanging out with his former best friend Erick Helms.

"He's playing on my Ipad and I'm playing Pokemon having a blast," he recalls. "Next thing I know, I wake up in the hospital a day later."

He doesn't recall the actual attack, only the aftermath.

"It's something straight out of a Freddy Krueger movie," Jarum says.

Hearst says his former friend admitted to the attack on Facebook.

"And he says well bro, I'm not supposed to be talking to you, but you just spazzed out," Jarum says. "Well someone's gonna have to define spazz out, cause I don't spazz out."   

Asheville police say the case is not as cut and dry as what the Hearsts are saying, and that they're still investigating.

Jarum's frustrated sister launched the "Justice For My Brother Jay" Facebook page.

Less than a week into the investigation, police say they're still painting the picture of how the assault happened and who's responsible. But that's hard for both son and mother to swallow.

"Nothing has happened," Jarum says. "The only thing that's happened is that I had to go to the hospital and get stitched up like nothing has happened and this is not right. "Stabbing Victim's Family Demands Justice

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