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Taylors Neighborhood Break-ins

Updated: Tuesday, February 25 2014, 08:15 AM EST
A rash of neighborhood break-ins late Friday night in Taylors has Greenville County Sheriff's deputies searching for suspects.

Neighbors along Locust Hill Road and Cherry Cove Lane reported five larcenies. One of those victims, Ralph Gravley, also had his home burgled when thieves broke into his shed and stole about $1,500 worth of tools and lawn equipment.

"It really gives you a sinking feeling when you find out someone's come in and taken what you worked for," says Gravley.

After servicing his lawnmower Saturday morning, he and his wife noticed that the door to the shed was open. He found his leafblower, edger, edge clippers and a chainsaw missing. He also noticed that some frozen food had been taken from his freezer.

"I failed to lock that door and then they came in," said Gravley. "Then they came into freezer and removed several items from there. I don't know exactly how much, but we practially had it full. My wife was talking the other day and said, 'well we won't have to put as much up this year, because we still got so much'. And now they've taken part of it."

Greenville County Sheriff's Office Deputy Drew Pinciaro says the crimes could be related because of how closely located they are and the timeframe.

"There's a possibility, given they're all being within that one night, Friday night," says Pinciaro.

Luckily, Gravley kept serial numbers for most of his items, which Pinciaro says can help law enforcement find the missing items.

"It's extremely helpful when victims have serial numbers," says Pinciaro. "Because we're able to research through databases that we have, and help us locate those items, if in fact they're sold or pawned off."

The crimes committed include burglary, larceny and auto break-in. Pinciaro noted that larceny is the theft of an item, whereas burglary specifically denotes breaking into a dwelling.

Deputies are asking anyone with information about the crimes to call Crimestoppers at 864-23-CRIME.Taylors Neighborhood Break-ins

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