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Tech Job Training

Updated: Thursday, February 21 2013, 07:49 AM EST
More than 7.6 million jobs are ready and waiting. And a local college is using a special grant to help prepare a specific group of workers to fill them.
AB Tech received a $200,000 great from the National Science Foundation.
   This morning Staff & a Student there showed News 13's Victoria Dunkle how they are getting the word out that "Skilled Workers Get Jobs.” The grant covers programs to recruit more people, especially women, into its technology programs and retain students in the programs.

Some of the selling points include 26% higher wages for technology workers.  There are more openings for technicians than any other field globally.

For more information about AB Tech’s programs, click here.

By Victoria Dunkle
Follow Victoria on Twitter: @victoriadunkleTech Job Training

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