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Town Hall Forum: Guns In America

Updated: Friday, January 25 2013, 09:34 PM EST

"Guns In America" was the topic of a News 13 Town Hall Forum Thursday night. A panel of people from both sides of the issue were there. The forum was a spirited and lively discussion with more people in the audience pro-gun rights than not.

The hotly discussed topics with little complete agreement included the definition of the second amendment and how it should be interpreted, the definition of an assault weapon and what they are. Also addressed were universal background checks for folks who want to buy guns, whether teachers should be armed and whether gun-free zones really work.

One thing there did seem to be a consensus on is the lack of mental health care and the need for it.  This town hall was driven mainly by questions from people in the audience and on social media.

By Russ Bowen
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Check out behind the scene pictures on the News 13 Facebook page.

To watch the Town Hall forum in its entirety, click here.

Town Hall Forum: Guns In America

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