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Water Protests During McCrory Visit

Updated: Monday, December 10 2012, 08:47 AM EST
He was here for a dinner to raise money and got some good, old-fashioned protest on the side.
Governor-elect Pat McCrory spoke at the annual "Charles Taylor Republican Fundraiser" at the Grove Park Inn, but he did not get a friendly reception from everyone.
The protestors lined up and down Charlotte Street, speaking out about Asheville's water system.
The Asheville water war started a year ago, when representative Tim Moffitt authored a bill that some people fear could take Asheville's water system away.
On election day, 86% of Asheville residents voted against selling or leasing the city's water.
Protesters say they want to put their displeasure in the faces of the people who will be voting on it.
Governor-elect Pat McCrory tells us he's  going to look into the water issue.
These protesters say they'll keep complaining loudly, making sure North Carolina's new leader hears them.
Governor-elect McCory will be sworn into office in January.
He says after the inauguration, Asheville will be the first city he visits.Water Protests During McCrory Visit

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