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WLOS Ready For New Federal Law Targeting Loud Commercials

Updated: Monday, December 17 2012, 04:33 PM EST

TV viewers have gotten an earful of loud TV ads over the years. Now, a new federal law that's in effect is intended to offer relief.

It's the Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation Act or "CALM." The FCC will enforce the law, requiring broadcasters to be in compliance.

"I don't think the commercial should be louder than the show itself," says one Asheville viewer.

Another woman asks,"There's a law for that?"

WLOS and WMYA are ready to comply, according to Chief Engineer Rollin Tompkins, who points to the staff in master control.
"The guys in here make sure that everything is compliant with our standards of audio levels. "

According to Tompkins, there's equipment in place to keep the stations within those standards. "These audio monitors constantly keep track of what level we're feeding out."
"As our last line of defense, we have our audio processor," Tompkins said, stressing that the hardware has dialogue normalization software.

If you'd like to report a loud commercial, you can contact the FCC at 888-TELL-FCC.

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WLOS Ready For New Federal Law Targeting Loud Commercials

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