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Canine Harassment Charge

Updated: Tuesday, March 26 2013, 07:09 AM EDT

A strange case of animal harassment in Henderson County. A man has been charged with teasing a canine drug dog during a traffic stop. 29-year-old Michael Peak was pulled-over for speeding along US-25 Saturday night. The deputy who stopped him says he smelled marijuana. That's when Deputy Kristi Ellis and her canine partner "Abo" were called to the scene to search the suspect's car.

Deputy Ellis says it was then Peak started trying to distract the dog by hissing at it like a snake. She says "Abo" recognized what was a threat to them both.

"He did exactly what he should've done to his hissing noises and was ready to act on the aggression," said Deputy Ellis.

Peak was charged based on a state law that prohibits harassing or teasing law enforcement canines Deputies say there was only a residual amount of marijuana found in his car. The only other charge was speeding.

Watch "Abo" in action as he searches for drugs.

By Frank Kracher
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Canine Harassment Charge

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