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Traffic Troubles

Updated: Tuesday, February 19 2013, 09:22 PM EST

Two cars collide at a school entrance and sends one driver to the hospital. It happend on Fruitland Road at North Henderson High School Tuesday around 8 a.m.

Troopers say Leslie Lafontaine pulled out of the school in front of an SUV. The vehicle struck Fontaine’s door and injured her. The driver of the SUV and a child in Lafontaine’s car were not injured.

School officials say it shows the need for traffic control at the busy intersection. They’ve asked the NCDOT for some sort of traffic control, but officials have turned them down. Students say a light would make their travel to and from school safer. 2,000 students arrive and depart North Henderson and Apple Valley Middle five days a week.

School officials say they hope the NCDOT will revisit the amount of traffic they’re seeing now.

Leslie Lafontaine is charged with failing to yeild at a stop sign and driving while license revoked.

By Sherrill Barber
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Traffic Troubles

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