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The following is an archived video story. The text content of that video story is available below for reference. The original video has been deleted and is no longer available.

Vandalism Investigation

Vandals hit some vehicles in West Asheville Tuesday night, using food to leave their mark. It happened off Haywood Road on Michigan and Swannanoa Avenues.

News 13 ran into Susan Markovitz as she walked her dog, checking-out what someone did to her rental car overnight. Susan certainly did not have hot dogs and Honeycomb cereal on her breakfast table, but this late model Hyundai was literally wearing both. Along with ketchup, mustard and yogurt, all sticking to the windshield and the paint. "I think there's a lot of young kids in the neighborhood that don't have a lot to do until school starts next week. I mean, I think it's mid-August boredom," she says.

A Honda a few blocks away was splashed with ketchup and what looks to be an entire bottle of salad dressing. Word of what happened hit social media quickly, thanks to a neighbor who's among the many looking out for each other. "I went ahead and put it on the West Asheville Exchange page on Facebook just to alert neighbors. I don't know how you can necessarily protect yourself or your car," says Jodi Ford.
The big problem now is clean-up. The condiments that went on the cars in the dark of night are now baking in the sun. Patches Blair runs Tank's Automotive in Asheville. He says from his experience making cars sparkle again, it may be too late for the ones across town. "Just like bird poop, you know, when it go on there, if it sits on there long enough, you can see it seeping through the clear coat, when you're wiping it won't come off," he says.

Markovitz is trying to take it all in stride, it's a rental after all, and some things come with the territory. "It's living in a city, I don't think it's that big of a deal," she says.

News 13's Frank Kracher located two cars that were badly vandalized within three blocks of each other. Asheville Police say as reports come in, they'll determine if there are more.
If you know anything about this vandalism, call Crimestoppers at 828-255-5050.

By: Frank Kracher
Follow Frank on Twitter @FrankKracher


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