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Dog Stolen

With beautiful gentle eyes and a loving disposition 9-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Kona, considered every human who walked into her house her friend.
She never met a stranger in her life, said Jason Nicolai, her owner. But now, thinking about how much he loves her, Jason cant help but well up with tears.
I came home at 11:45 this morning, and someone had broken into the house and taken my dog and a laptop computer, said Jason.

He and his wife agree, the old laptop is replaceable. The little dog they consider their child is not.

"They stole my dog which doesn't make any sense," said Erin. "She is too old to be of any value to anyone, but she is valuable to me."

"They can take my laptop, my lawnmower, they can take the car," said Jason who couldnt finish his sentence as he was overcome with emotion at the thought of never seeing his dog again.

The thieves broke in Thursday between 8:35 a.m. and 11:45 a.m. when Jason came home for lunch. He found Kona missing and his three other bull terriers out of their crates and running around the house.

"They (the thieves) had pushed the bottom plate out and were able to reach in and open this door," said Jason as he explained how the burglars pushed in a plate by the air condition vent.

He now wonders if whoever stole Kona thought maybe she was a puppy pit bull, which he said is a commodity.

"A lot of people mistake them for pit bulls they ask how old is your pit bull puppy," said Jason. The bull terriers are all black and have a head shaped like a pit. But Kona weighed just 29 pounds and stood 15 inches tall, about half the size of a pit.

"People do think that is what she is and that sometimes is a breed that is targeted and it could have something to do with it," said Jason.

As Buncombe County sheriff detectives were taking the Nicolai's report,
they got a call on another breaking and entering burglary on North Oak Terrace.

"It's right around the corner from us," said Erin Nicolai.

But she and her husband, after talking with the other victim, don't think the cases are related.  In the second case the thieves did a forced entry, and stole electronics.

Two months ago thieves broke into the Nicolai's shed and stole $1,400 worth of tools and a new lawnmower.  But with tears in their eyes and broken hearts, the couple is now making a public plea for anyone with information about their beloved Kona to either drop her off, or call the Buncombe County Sheriffs department with a tip.

"She is our baby," said Jason. "Please, just bring her back, no questions asked."
by Kimberly King

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