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Multiple Break-ins Arrest

Mitchell Detectives arrest a Yancey County man for three different break and entering involving ATM machines and a store. Jeremiah Seymore Ayers, age 28, of 725 West Main Street, Apartment 6, Burnsville, N.C. faces numerous felony charges.

Captain R.V. Wiseman advised on October 22, in the early morning hours Ayers attempted to break into a State Employee Credit Union Cash Points located at 12966 South NC 226 in the Grassy Creek community. Ayers had went to Wal Mart and purchased a sledgehammer. Ayers returned cut the electric and phone lines to the Cash Point in an attempt to cut off the alarm. Ayers then used the sledgehammer and busted out the front of the machine in an attempt to gain access to the cash box. Ayers was uneventful in gaining access to the cash box. Ayers left and went up the road and stole a strap out of a parked truck and was going to return and try to haul the Cash Point off. When Ayers returned there was a Mitchell County Deputy at the Cash Point. Ayers advised he just kept on driving and did not stop.

On October 30, in the early morning hours Ayers attempted the same thing at the State Employees Cash Point located at 5515 NC 226 North, in the Red Hill community. Ayers cut the phone and electric lines on the Cash Point. Ayers took a saw and cut the plate covering the dead bolt on the door of the Cash Points. Ayers tried to cut the dead bolt but was unsuccessful.

Ayers then went next door to Red Hill Grocery and broke a plate glass window out of the side of the store. Ayers entered the store and stole all NC Education Lottery Tickets.

Lt. Detective C.C. Hobson and Detective C.M. Beam began aggressively working the break ins.

On October 31, NC Education Lottery Officials notified the Detectives some the Lottery Tickets stolen had been cashed in Buncombe and Henderson Counties.

Lt. Detective Hobson and Detective Beam went to locations were the Lottery Tickets were cashed in at and obtained video of Ayers cashing in the tickets.

Ayers is employed by NHM formerly Taylor and Murphy and was driving one of their company trucks when he cashed in the Lottery Tickets.

The Detectives were able to get Ayers name from NHM and pulled up Ayers information on CJ Leads. Ayers picture matched the video at the location were the Lottery Tickets were cashed in at.

Lt. Detective Hobson and Detective Beam along with Chief Deputy J.S. Sparks obtained a Search Warrant for Ayers residence. Yancey County Chief Deputy John Robinson along with Mitchell County Deputies executed the Search Warrant.

Once inside the residence Ayers gave the officers a full confession. Ayers still had Lottery Tickets in his residence along with other items from the break ins in his residence.

Ayers told officers he stole a truck from a car lot in Yancey County and drove it to Grassy Creek to break in to Cash Point Machine there and then returned truck to the car lot. The car lot was unaware of the truck being taken from their lot. Ayers told officers he drove his own vehicle to Red Hill.

Detective Beam obtained arrest warrants on Ayers for felony breaking and entering and felony larceny.

Ayers is held in jail on $50,000.00 secured bond. He is schedule to appear in Mitchell County  Court on November 6, 2013.

Ayers has several more felony charges pending in Mitchell and Yancey County. NC Education Lottery is also going to charge Ayers with several felonies.

Sheriff Street praised his deputys efforts in solving this case. The deputies worked around the clock to solve this, putting in long hours. Sheriff Street said these Detectives went the extra mile to solve this.

Sheriff Street wanted to thank Spruce Pine Police Department, Yancey County Sheriffs Office, and the Buncombe County Sheriffs Office for their assistance in this case.


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