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Mobile Home Park Without Water

Hundreds of residents in the Riverview mobile home park have been without water since Friday.

"Everybody's upset out here," said Shunta Carson who lives on one of the lots.

"We have not had any water for three days," said Terry Mauldin another tenant.

Mauldin and other residents, have had to by gallons upon of water they've paid for out of their own pockets.

"We can't cook, we can't bathe, we have kids to take care of in here," said Jackie Buckner. "I've paid out about $50 and I want to be paid back.

But residents say the pipe problems have been going on for weeks.

Buckner sent News 13 a photo when the pipes froze several weeks ago and the water formed a sheet of ice on a road inside the property.

"We haven't been able to wash dishes and take a shower," said Nestor Moreno, a 10-year-old who lives with his family in Riverview.

Two workers trying to fix the pipes on the property, said a city crew did repairs to a main water line outside the property on Friday.

"When they turned the water on they shocked the system, put a bunch of pressure down here. It blowed this 4 inch T(valve), 3-inch T(valve) out," said Michael Allen one of the men working to repair the pipes this weekend.

"On Friday we replaced a valve in the meter vault that is city owned," said Ivan Thomas with Asheville's Water Resource department.  "We had a 30-year veteran on site. He followed standard operating procedures in turning the water back on. My understanding is the mobile home park had issues over the last couple of weeks."

Residents in Riverview said the property owner, they said is named Parks Banks, is in Florida on vacation. News Thirteen spoke with the property manager on-site, who said she did not know how to reach Banks. She then hung up.  The crew on-site at the pipe repair said they hope to finish cement work tomorrow and get the water running for residents.

by Kimberly King
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