Closings & Delays

Information presented on this site is provided by school administrators and is updated every few minutes. To check for a closing or delay check below for a list of all closings for schools within the area.

If you want to report a closing for your school, and you have a closing code and password click here.

If you don't have a closing code or password and would like one, please fill out the form below.

A Public Shool: OPEN AT 8AM
Business: OPEN AT 9AM
Church: OPEN AT 9AM
Day Care: OPEN AT 8AM
Government Office: OPEN AT 8AM
Medical: OPEN AT 8AM
Non Profit: OPEN AT 9AM
Private School: OPEN AT 8AM
Z Public School: OPEN AT 8AM

Inclement Weather Program

This form is for schools ONLY. To sign up & receive text messages to your phone, click here (
Please completely fill out this form ONLY if this is your first time submitting it, or if you have changes to your information.
DO NOT use this form if all of your information is current.
By clicking "Verify" you will be sending this information to the WLOS Inclement Weather Program.
If you are new to the system, you will receive instructions on how to access it after you are entered into the program.
Please allow a couple of weeks to receive these instructions.
Please re-enter the code shown in the image below.
Closings And Delays